manifest your desires how to

Manifesting your Desires

You have the power and the gift to manifest Desires your way. The steps are easy, and the universe backs you up. Everything is aligned to give all that will bring more happiness. Are you standing in your way of those desires?

Awaken Ascension codes with the Andromedans

The Andromedans are our Galactic neibhbors, energy star beings that join us during this time, to help us return to a higher vibrational version of ourselves. With this masterclass they teach how we carry light codes within, and guide us how to awaken them.

Working with Dragons

Dragons have succeeded the ascension and they have moved from physical to non-physical. They hold high vibration and they have agreed to help us navigate through the density to find the light. In this Masterclass they guide you to ways to work with them, as well as offer you powerful activations of Light trasmissions.

The Alchamean tools of Atlantis

If you have lived in the ancient continent of Atlantis, then you carry with you powerful knowledge and activations. You are guided to remember them.

How to meditate

Anyone can meditate, but if you are not used to the process, your mind will have difficulty becoming quiet. I asked the Angels to give you a masterclass to help you benefit from your meditation routine. Regardless if you are a pro in meditation or not, the Angels will bring you some tips and techniquest …

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Being a Lightworker

What brought you to this point now? What is your purpose on Earth? What are your special gifts, and how can you help the whole collective?

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