Quest XIV: The alchemy of fear

A powerful tool to help you with releasing ego aspects of yourself, is the tool of alchemizing your fear to light. Learn how to invoke pure light, to wrap around the density and transform it.

Quest XIII: Alchemizing relationships

Some relationships affect you more than you realize, regardless if they are karmic, or by choice, you can alchemize their energy. With that, any energy clearing, links, and outdated karmic connections are released.

Quest XII: Activating the seed of Faith

The seeds are powerful light codes that help to shift your physical life experience and attune you to a High consciousness. You are guided in a powerful activation to the seed of Faith: Faith for yourself, and that you’re guided to what’s for your Highest and greatest good.

Returning to oneness

Quest XI: Returning to Oneness

The dragons take you on a quest to experience the complete unification with the universe and all that is. Returning to this state often will help to attune you to a high vibration of oneness.

Quest VII – Free from fears

Many fears you hold within you carry from the past, from your childhood, and they might be known or hidden in your subconscious. They are triggered often and they bring blockages that affect your life. When you take a closer look, you can identify them and ultimately free yourself from them.

Quest VI – Clearing Trauma

This part guides you in steps to release trauma you still hold in your being. It might need a past event that you still feel hurt, or anger from. It might be a fear still present within you. Following the guidance from the Divine beings you will be able to identify and clear it. *Work …

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