sleep meditation

6 Color rays for Light Sleep

This is a tool/meditation invoking 6 rays of color to envelop you as you sleep, with the assistance of dozens of Light beings that accompany you as you lay to rest. You will receive the benefits of the Light blue ray of calmness, Violate ray of cleansing, Orange ray of strength, emerald ray of healing, …

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Invoking Christ Consciousness

The consciousness of Christ is a high vibrational frequency that is open and can be aligned with anyone ready to receive it. It is so powerful and high vibrational that it aligns your mind body and spirit to peace, love and oneness. It is the consciousness embodied by Christ and within all of us. Where …

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purifying food and drink method

Purifying food & drink – Tool

Do you know that what you eat and drink has energy?You have the power to shift that energy with the power of your intention. In this tool-course you will learn a method to sense the energy of items and use your intention to purify the energy of your food.

Sending Love trasmission – Tool

You have the ability to direct energy to send love, healing, peace. You are a powerful light being, and one of your Lightworker abilities is to use this ability for the highest and greatest good. This tool will guide you how to use this ability at any time.

Meet your spiritual team

You have many light beings present with you at any moment in your life. Archangels, guardian angels, elementals, ancestors, spirit guides, spirit animals you name it. They are there to help you with a specific part of your current lifetime. With this tool, you can tune in and call for them to reveal who they …

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The Violet flame

The violet flame is one of the many tools that you can use to realign with the truth of who you are; to cleanse and elevate your energy by releasing anything of low frequency.


Grounding is a form of deeper connection with the Earth’s energy. As a physical being, you need to stay grounded to be present in your body, as well as the world around you. Some of the symptoms of being ungrounded are scattered thoughts, headaches, lightheadedness, tiredness, disorientation, sensitivity to light and noise, forgetfulness etc. It …

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Protect your Energy

Protecting your energy is a valuable way to stay shielded against negative people, events, situations that would otherwise drain and affect your energy. Make it a morning routine to apply your protective shield. Your energy is becoming bigger, as you expand spiritually, so it is handy to learn to stay unaffected by anything that does …

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Clearing your Energy

Your energy can get affected by other people, beings, locations, or even thoughts. Learning to have a clearing technique up your sleeve, will help recharge you any time you feel drained or negative.

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