Quest II – Trusting the Universe

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When you feel the power of the universe on your side, you fear no evil. You feel empowered, at ease, free. Then you can truly expand and create, take risks and thrive.

But as you went through lifetime after lifetime of hardships and misery, you forgot that everything is not always as it seems. That sometimes the difficult lessons you face are blessings in disguise. The universe, source, God whatever you name this Divine power, is always on your side, always rooting for you, and truly guides you to the best and Highest good.

With this Quest, the Angels guide you on a process to remember that the universe has your back. When you know this, you can start expanding, and co-creating with the Divine.

Repeat the steps that are presented with for 10 days to help you re-program your subconscious.

The next Quest unlocks in 10 days.

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