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The notice

Congratulations for reaching the end! You’ve done one year journey with this membership. I sincerely hope it has benefited you on your path to reveal and understand more of your inner light and power.

You have expanded and elevated enough these past 12 months and I’m so proud of you. Thank you for coming this far, thank you for trusting me to help you on your journey, thank you for shining your light bright, thank you for all that you are.

What happens next:

After month 12, you will no longer be charged for this membership. You will however, still have access x3 months for free, and a place in the facebook group and the lightworker email newsletters, indefinitely.

At some point the membership will continue with another set of 12 months, in that case you will get notified if you would like to continue your path with us.

I hope that the lessons and meditations have and will continue to help you on your magical Light warrior path.

I love you all.

Amelia Bert

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