Ascension awaits you

Membership doors open in:

Membership is now OPEN!

You are called forward to:

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Release fears, beliefs & past wounds that hold you back.

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Expand your being.

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Be the powerful Light being you came here to be.


Join us on your path to greatness.

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Take the Quiz and find out if you are a Lightworker!

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Do you ever:

Feel stuck?

Seek spiritual expansion and knowledge? 

Feel that you are meant for something bigger but you don’t know what or how to get there?

Go through the shifts of ascension? Perhaps you experience new symptoms within and you wish to gather more information?

Want guidance to let go of the negative thought patterns, beliefs and fears?

Wish you can dive in deeper to the power and skills of your soul?

Need encouragement and guidance to keep you on track to your spiritual expansion and inner self work?

Believe that a Divine source looks out for and guides you?

Notice angel numbers show up for you constantly, such as 1111, or 444?

Want to interact with like-minded people on a similar journey?

If this is you, Let me introduce you to:

The Original Lightworkers Membership


This membership can be the place of mentorship that you need to shine bright like the light superhero you are!

In this online community you will be guided on a journey to ascend your being, gain valuable knowledge, tools and dive in the lessons of your soul.

What makes this membership special is that you get to experience Divine connection like never before as the entire content is channeled with light beings and it is filled with powerful light transmissions.

This is not your usual spiritual focus group;

This is a milestone to soul growth.

$32 monthly - No attachment - Cancel any time

The Treasures Hidden Within

Experience Divine connection like never before as the entire membership content is channeled with light beings.


Powerful clearing walkthroughs every few weeks to release Trauma, pain, energetic and physical blocks, past life density, fears, karmic connections and more.

Tools and exercises

Dynamic Alchemical tools to support you through the ascension waves, and help you to navigate through your life in a higher frequency.

Meditations & soul journeys

Guided audio to help you navigate through the Akashic records, or guide you to powerful journeys with the Archangels to dive in your Soul wisdom.

Light Activations

Channeling language that helps balance your energy, bring in alignment, and download high dimensional codes in your being.


Gain Divine wisdom that will speed up your ascension and unlock soul upgrades and skills.

Your Tribe

Hang out with your TRIBE. A community of Lightworkers gathering to chat and get to know others like you!

Bonus content

Bonus content such as: Printables, certificates, badges, discounts, downloadable meditations.

Empowering Emails

Monthly newsletter email excursively for the members, with Divine messages, freebies, inspiration and positivity.


Angel guidance, Cosmic updates, ascension news, divine messages and support through the Tribe community.

Entering the 5D

Special information, guidance and insight for living in the fifth Dimension.

The time is now to take control of all that holds you back.

Should You Join?

Full disclosure: This membership is not aligned with everyone.

Many of the lessons, energetics and shifts that will take place within the membership, require that you are ready for them in order to benefit.

It is for those who are ready to transform themselves and the world; those who go through the ascension; who are ready to embrace their divine gifts for the greatest good. It is for the lightworkers who have incarnated at this time to serve a greater purpose.

There is a reason your Guardian Angels invited you here now…

Who are the

Original lightworkers?

The original Lightworkers are the first and second wave of lightworkers, who are send on earth to go through the journey of spiritual ascension, so that they can help the world rise in higher frequency and light.

The entire world is soon to awake and they will need people who can lead them, who are ready and aligned with the shifts and changes of the new earth, to be the way showers.

This is where this membership comes along, to help the originals, the first wave of lightworkers align, remember who they are, why they are here and guide them  towards their ascension.

You don’t have to know all the answers, you don’t need any special psychic gifts or experiences, just being here now is enough.

Being here right now, reading these words let it be the sign that you need to take action towards your so much needed transformation. You know that you are here to achieve greatness, you feel it deep within you, you are called home; towards inner peace and enlightenment.

This membership is a spiritual practice that will help you uncover your soul gifts, and assist you towards your spiritual Lightwarrior path.

Dive deeper into the lessons of your soul.

If we haven’t already met...

My name is Amelia Bert and I had my spiritual awakening in 2014 while in meditation. The truth is I did not grow up with a special psychic gift, or spiritually awaken parents. I was guided on this path when something within me lead me to meditation.

During my meditation routine, I attained Divine connection. It was all so sudden and so new. I started to receive words and imagery from my own Higher self and the Angels. The words and wisdom flew so clearly, and they filled me with so much love and high frequency that I couldn’t deny their validity. And so, My Lightworker path begun.

I worked with the Angels and lighted beings to create 7 books, an angel oracle deck, several meditations and dozens of articles with the intention of helping those ready to expand spiritually.

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Ascension is here and now but you benefit from it once you really tune in, once you allow.

Gain all the assistance to shift what does not work, and enter into the timelines of lighter frequency; fifth dimension and above.

Are you ready?

What happens when you join

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Discover and embrace your Divine side.

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Gain activations with powerful energetics from the Angels through the Channelled content.

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Increase your intuition and spiritual gifts.

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Be guided in a life of alignment and purpose.

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Dive in your soul power.

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Increase establish Higher self alignment.

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Prepare to live in the 5D earth.

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Gather wisdom, and tools to ascend more rapidly on the spiritual path.

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Prepare you to fulfill your path as a lightworker to help the world ascend.

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Jump start the ascension progress and anchor your frequency to the 5D earth.

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Connect with like-minded members who rise alongside you, & support you each step of the way.

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Achieve massive growth whether you are spirituality advanced or not.

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Imagine being filled with purpose, living a life of immense joy, with increased soul gifts, and universal alignment.

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Imagine having support and a community who appreciates, loves and accepts you.

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Imagine being of service to the world, & having the tools and Divine knowledge to help you accomplish miracles.


$32 – Monthly

This is a no risk membership, it doesn’t tie you to stay a member. If you try it for a month and you are not satisfied, you can cancel at any time!

When you join

You automatically gain access to the first month content and you can start working with the Angel guided content!

You have immediate access to the Tribe community and Amelia's messages.

You can unlock special points that bring you even more content and special freebies!

Since this is a limited time opening, you secure your spot at that price for as long as you are a member.

You can try it for one month, and cancel if you are not satisfied.

How this membership was created

A few months ago the Angels instructed me to take the teachings one step further and create a membership that will allow them to help more people through the ascension.

It is undeniable that during this time, many things are changing on earth, the energetics shift, the timelines tremble and so many people begin to awake as the earth moves to higher dimensions.

So many questions, so many new experiences cause People to seek Divine guidance now more than ever, as well as connection with likeminded people and support to navigate through the powerful ascension shifts with ease. This membership is here to help with all that.

Everything that I am, everything that I have worked on guided me to be here and now to create this for you with the assistance of so many light beings.


This is how I know that this is not an ordinary membership program, it is the journey guiding you to the very best version of yourself, illuminated with divine light, and filled with celestial assistance.

I cannot wait to meet you and dive in this new mission together!

Are you interested?

Take the lightworker QUIZ to see if you are a match.

The Original lightworkers membership goes live in:


Ascension awaits you.

Don't take our word of it...

See what Amelia's followers say:

If you feel the pull towards joining this membership, know that it’s your inner guidance calling you. Trust that it will benefit you tremendously.

Trust that it will benefit you tremendously.

Available and upcoming topics

Here's a sneak peek of inside the membership. Many of these will be available once you join, others will appear monthly and some are upcoming bonuses.

and many more..

Are you ready to:

Shape into a whole new consciousness?

Throw the shadow ego self out the window?

Dedicate a few minutes from your week to do the Quests, watch the masterclasses and try the powerful tools?

Move to fifth dimensional life experience?

Release all those blockages that held you back?

Awaken your divine blueprint?

Then let's start.

Frequently asked questions

It is an online monthly subscription that helps to expand your spiritual knowledge, skills and leads you to personal transformation and ascension to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Divine Channel Amelia Bert allows the information from Light beings to flow as words through the video content.

After 7 days upon joining, if you decide the Original Lighworkers Membership isn’t for you, then you can cancel your subscription renewal through the “account” page.

There is nothing tieing you to the membership after this. Canceling the Membership prevents your payment method from being charged for renewal when your subscription ends. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the Membership (including the private Facebook group) through the last day of your plan.

As a spiritual practice you need to show up and do the self work to see the benefits. You will be able to benefit from it if your vibration is a match to the teachings. Take the quiz and find out.

Once you join the membership, You just log in and can access all the material that have been released in several categories, or immediately unlock specific content. Then that material will be available for you as long as you are a member.

Masterclasses and many other material are not downloadable, but you will find many meditations and Printables that you can download once you click the download button.

That is up to you and how fast you want to see changes in your life. When you commit to do the practice, wonderful things begin to come together.
It is a good idea to set some time a few times a week to watch some of the material, or do the meditations to help you stay inspired and aligned as you navigate through everyday life. You can however follow the exercises and meditations at your own pace.

Amelia Bert is a channel of the light. This means that she allows divine communication from Lighted beings to be received through her. She is able to interpret the wisdom and light frequency of the Angels, Archangels, Ascended master, elementals, Lighted beings into mental words or images.

It will be there waiting for you! You can go back to any material at any time and listen/read/watch/practice whenever you want.

Absolutely! The teachings and wisdom of the Lighted beings never gets old, there will always be something new for you, something that benefits you on your path. This is a membership that you can return to at any time as the exercises, meditations and workshops have the same power as many times as you repeat them.

We are unable to offer refunds for this membership. Please make sure you feel happy about joining before making payment.

Please send an email to You’ll receive a reply as soon as possible.

I can't wait to meet you!

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