You are a Lightworker, a starseed, or an Indigo.

It is not yet clear whether you belong in the first wave of Lightworkers or not, but your presence here on earth at this time is very important.
You believe in a higher purpose and you have made it your mission to raise the vibration of our planet. You are an old soul and your life’s purpose has brought you on earth to benefit from the important shifts that occur at this time.
Perhaps you often feel homesick, lost or misplaced. You may sometimes feel like the odd one out. Perhaps you have struggled to find your “tribe” or feel as though you really fit in anywhere.
You are naturally drawn to ancient spiritual texts about energy and ascension. You often find yourself looking up into the sky and being intrigued to know more about what other races exist.
You are constantly coming into deeper self-awareness about yourself and your life.
You often have the most weird dreams of different planets and races.
You often notice that you have many hidden talents, and many times those might seem unusual.
You feel the pull of your soul to expand, to learn more of what can help you remove layers of density that you carried with you through lifetimes.
If that is so, you will notice that you begin to advance spiritually more than others, and more soul gifts are awaken within you. All you need is a push forward to finally discover your soul’s mission and challenge yourself to release all that holds you in the 3D loop.

If you feel the ready to join this membership, know it it’s your inner guidance calling you.

Trust that it will benefit you tremendously.

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