You are an Original Lightworker!

You belong to the first or second wave of lightworkers who incarnated on earth at this time to help the earth and humanity ascend. You intuitively know that you are alive for a higher purpose, one that is directly related to awakening and transforming your own life and the lives of others by helping to raise the collective consciousness of human beings. Light workers are only 3% of the human population, but their capabilities and important path makes them essential to humanity and the earth.
Part of your path is to:

a) Purify your being to allow more light in so that you can.

b) Spread this light forward.

“The Original Lightworkers” membership will help you with both these tasks while help you remember your true power and life’s path.
Your young life has set you up for a series of traumas, challenges and other difficulties. You understand, these were not meant to hurt you, but rather to awaken you to the healer you are now.
You are naturally philosophical and spiritual, and you often baffle people with your wisdom.
Perhaps you have struggled to find your “tribe” or feel as though you really fit in anywhere.
You are sensitive to the energy of other people, and can only take it in doses.
You have high intuition, and many psychic and spiritual gifts, but perhaps you are not aware of them yet. Day to day you are shedding old patterns, old beliefs. Even if those do not come to your awareness, you always move forward, ascend, grow and clear what doesn’t serve you from becoming a higher divine being, and from living in a higher consciousness.

Moreover, you feel a strong connection to nature. It soothes and makes you feel free and energized.

At this time, you experience the ascension waves, more intensively than others, and that is because you are meant to ascend faster than everyone else, so that you can help lead everyone else.
You don’t have to know all the answers, you don’t need any special psychic gifts or experiences, where you are now is enough.
Being here right now, reading these words let it be the sign that you need to take action towards your so much needed transformation. You know that you are here to achieve greatness, you feel it deep within you, you are called home; towards inner peace and enlightenment. This membership is a spiritual practice that will help you uncover your soul gifts, and assist you towards your spiritual Lightwarrior path.

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